Thursday, 30 April 2009

The above picture is a scan of the tag of a NWT (new with tag) deadstock Ben Zuckerman dress and coat. The outfit dates from about 1958.

The average wage for Americans in 1958 was $4650, so this outfit, orginally priced at $535 represented about 12% of the average wage earner's yearly income. Ben Zuckerman clothing would have been out of the reach of most Americans.

Jacqueline Kennedy, as first lady, was a customer of Ben Zuckerman. Hamish Bowles, in a Vogue article states that:

Despite the thoroughly American feeling of her clothes, at times she (JK) included copies of Givenchy originals in her line. The Romanian-born Zuckerman was a fashion-industry stalwart working with his designer, Henry Shacter, to produce “the only clothes made in America that look as though Dior or Balenciaga made them.” It was Zuckerman’s line-for-line copy of a Pierre Cardin coat in purple wool that Jacqueline Kennedy had at first decided to wear for the Inauguration Day ceremonies (she wore it instead to tour the White House with Mamie Eisenhower).

Another fine example of Ben Zuckerman's take on the New Look. This ad is also circa 1951.  As you can see by the lists of stores stocking Ben Zuckerman, he was a high end label. He was also known to have the largest collections each season.

This is a vintage advertisement- circa 1951. It features a Ben Zuckerman suit, very New Look with the tiny waist, sloping shoulders and full skirt.

Of course, all the appropriate accessories are here, hat, gloves, shoes, jewelery.

The interesting thing about this ad is that it appears the model and suit are carved out of clay!

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Welcome to a new blog- all about the suit and coat designer of the 1940's to 60's- BEN ZUCKERMAN!

I have loved his clothing for years, and finally thought I would create a site where others who feel the same can meet.

I will be posting pictures of theBen Zuckerman suits and coats I own as well as vintage ads.

Please check back and in the meantime, feel free to contact me- and if you have photos you'd like to share I'd love to see them.