Thursday, 14 May 2009

A lovely suit, pictured on the cover of the 14 October, 1946 Life.

This suit is credited to Zuckerman and Kraus, which was formed in 1925. This partnership continued until 1950. Ben Zuckerman continued to operate on his own until 1968. 

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Another from Harper's Bazaar. This time, 'a putty-pale wool sunbeam of a coat, given walking room by deep surprise side pleats. Discreet accents of inset belt, welted sides and collar. About $265. At Lord & Taylor, Marshall Field, Harzfelds. Shoes by Christian Dior, hat by Halston.

From Harper's Bazaar February, 1962. An advertisement for a gorgeous Zuckerman coat. The text reads 'One of our most exciting Spring Coats, Walking White by Ben Zuckerman.... French diagonal wool, self-sashed and swagger. Misses sizes, $250.00, Designer Coats, Fourth Floor, Bonwit Teller.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Here is another lovely Zuckerman jacket, in a brownish tweed. The waist is slightly nipped, and there are curved seams running from the armpit to the hem. There are also two small pockets on these seams.

There are two labels on this jacket, one is a 50's era Zuckerman label, and the other is a label from Leon Frank Inc, Dayton Ohio, which I assume is a department store. I've tried to locate information on this store, without any success.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Now for the first of my personal collection of Ben Zuckerman.

This is a jacket, in soft shades of pink and gold on a cream background. The flowers and leaves are all embroidered. There are two buttons on this jacket, the buttons are white braid wrapped around the button base.

The jacket has 3/4 length sleeves, and features a band around the waist. The jacket is lined in pink satin.

The material itself is quite heavy and has a subtle sheen to it. Overall, a gorgeous jacket with a rich feel to it.

According to the Vintage Fashion Guild's label resource, this Zuckerman label dates to the 1960's.

This jacket in all likelyhood had either a skirt, or more likely a dress to go with it at one time.

From Vogue , Oct 1, 1962.

'Ben Zuckerman is called the dean of tailors, his fans say, infallible. The fitted suit, this page, with it's schoolgirl pleats, and shortish red-leashed jacket, is of red wool tweed dashed with black. Saks Fifth Avenue; Halle Brothers; Dayton's.

Two images from the October 1, 1953 Vogue.

The top image, features a skirt, blouse (not seen) and jacket of brown sueded wool. The collar and cuffs are of Emba Silverblu milk. This suit was available at Bonwit Teller, I Magnin, Neiman- Marcus and Hudsons.

The lower image is an ad for a wonderful suit, with a huge portrait collar. I bet the real thing is even more spectacular than the drawing.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Here is a gorgeous ensemble from Vogue 1958. Zuckerman created the dress and coat. While you can't really see the details of the dress very well, it does look lovely and the overall picture created by the dress and coat is exquisit.

A gorgeous Zuckerman suit,  as seen in Vogue 1953.

I love the velvety scarf, threaded through the collar. Oh how I would love to own this suit!

Friday, 1 May 2009

An ad, from 1952, featuring a lovely red wool suit. Ben Zuckerman's strengths were always in his suits and coats, and this example illustrates this wonderfully.

As you can see, Zuckerman was the winner of the 1952 Coty Fashion Critics Award. The Coty American Fashion Critics' Awards (awarded 1943-1984) were first announced in January 1942 by the cosmetics and perfume company Coty, Inc. to promote and celebrate American fashion, and encourage design during the Second World War. Zuckerman won in 1952 and 1958 and was given a Hall of Fame award in 1961.