Saturday, 31 October 2009

An ad for Ben Zuckerman, which I believe to be late 1960's- in other words at the very end of Ben Zuckerman's career. Unusually, Harry Shacter, the designer at Ben Zuckerman, is mentioned in the ad.

This ad features a lovely pale jacket with black buttons and a black scarf at the neck.

From the cover of the September 1954 Vogue- 'The new gentle look in American Fashion, summed up in a single costume. Factors: the gentle but definite sense of colour (tweed and velvet in sapphire shades); the gentle feeling of fit (coat-waist, coat-collar, softly folded beret). Scarfed coat by Ben Zuckerman in French Tweed.'

A 1960's Zuckerman jacket, probably once part of a suit.

This jacket features large mother of pearl buttons, and has two patch pockets. The buttons on the pockets do not actually button closed, but are for decoration. The jacket also has on the edges of the jacket and collar a satiny trim.

The material feels like a silk/wool blend and is a very pretty beige.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

From the 1 January, 1959 Vogue-a twilled worsted suit in bright blue with a cropped, unfitted slip cover jacket by Ben Zuckerman.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

A really lovely 1960's Ben Zuckerman coat in black wool. This coat features large rhinestone buttons and is slightly fitted at the waist. It also has 3/4 length sleeves which was a style often seen on the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. The back of the coat has a half belt with the same buttons as accents.

The coat also features a label from Frances Heffernan -Winnetka. Frances Heffernan is a store, still open to this day, that features higher end labels. It was opened in 1932 and is run today by the niece of the original owner.

Photos courtesy of Viva Vintage Clothing.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My latest Ben Zuckerman, a 1950's tweed suit.

This suit features faux pockets on the breast and hips, and large buttons. You can see the wonderful Zuckerman tailoring in this suit.

Photos courtesy of Aren.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

From the 11 October, 1964 L.A. Times- Ball Gowns with Elegance.

'Azalea pink wool sharpens the focus of Ben Zuckerman's gently tailored long evening suit with a small, jewel encrusted collar. Its decollete shell blouse is a lighter blend of bright pink silk.'

Friday, 9 October 2009

From the 17 October, 1954 L.A. Times-

'Ben Zuckerman cuts a grey flannel tailleur with a long-lined jacket, adds a precise collar, and an ascot of brilliant red velvet.'

Thursday, 8 October 2009

From the 31 July, 1960 Hartford Courant- Scintillating Silks in Medieval Mood.

'New moods in silk: Designed with new subtlety of silhouette by Ben Zuckerman for Fall, this theatre costume is in muted taupe and blue warp printed silk satin, delicately traced with tendrilar lines which suggest flowers. The coat has broadened shoulders tapering to a slim hemline and goes over a dress of the same fabric with a dropped waistline.'

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

From the 26 August, 1956 New York Times- Autumn Suits Mark the Fresh Fall of Tweed.

'Wheat coloured tweed, warmed with nutria, a mild winter's wardrobe. The little coat is sleeveless, collarless and entirely reversible, widening perceptibly at the shoulders. The sheath that does the sleeving is a simple case of beautiful planning. By Ben Zuckerman, $450 at Saks Fifth Avenue. Hat by Emme,  handbag by Jana.'

From the 10 January 1957 Chicago Daily Tribune- Quiet Elegance Marks Fashion Collection- Zuckerman Steals N.Y. Show.

'The highlight of the Zuckerman collection was a little boy cutaway jacket, designed to be worn with jacket open to reveal frothy blouse beneath. This is of brown and white tweed.

Zuckerman must be rated as stealing the show- and perhaps created the most worthy suit and coat news of the season. It is a most wearable collection. He made spectacular use of the lavender range- a mauve silk semi-fitted suit, an ultra violet cashmere coat and a lilac silk fitted coat-dress with a calf belt. The Chanel influence was present, exemplified by sailor collars, brass buttons, open jackets and belted suits.'

From the 10 February 1957 L.A. Times- a black/white tweed town suit by Ben Zuckerman.

'Ben Zuckerman's deftly tailored tweed, fine grained in black and white, departs from strictly classic lines to show off a becoming deep yoke effect on a double-breasted jacket that's thinly belted in patent.

Monday, 5 October 2009

From the 10 January 1956 L.A. Times- Fashion laughs at Winter cold, parades Spring, Summer lines.

In the centre, surrounded by a Ceil Chapman dress on the left and a Paul Parnes ensemble on the right is a Ben Zuckerman suit.

The suit is semi-fitted,  and is of tawny coloured Italian worsted with a white dotted silk surrah blouse.

From the 12 January 1962 L.A. Times- Style Look High, Wide, Handsome.

'Square and wider is the fashion forecast for shoulder lines in the Ben Zuckerman collection- and it is accurate to a 'T'. They don't take up where the late, great Adrian left off,  but they are far out and handsome. 

A typical suit fashioned in navy ribbed wool featured the new square shoulders on a short jacket belted in red leather and a smooth hipped, 10 gore skirt released to full circle width.'

The above coat features caftan side pleats and is made up of beige basket-weave wool.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

The cover of Vogue, 1 February 1963.

'Whizzy little plaid suit that's brisk, easy, ready in three parts. Where the whiz comes in: superb tailoring, and these details- a shorter jacket; small lapels; flapped pockets; soft skirt. In biscuit-beige wool spiked with a curry that leans toward green, biscuity silk blouse, ascot tied. To wear with the bite of coral or jade, the dassle of black pearls or canary diamonds. By Ben Zuckerman.'

An ad from May Company, Wilshire- 'Master couturier Ben Zuckerman draws Easter suit on the curve, telescope sleeves, arched hips, scallops, zigzag details.'

May Company was a chain of high end department stores, opened in the 1920 and merged with Robinsons in 1983. The store on Wilshire Boulevard still exists, and now houses the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

From the 1 October, 1961 Vogue- an ad from Bonwit Teller featuring a fantastic Ben Zuckerman ensemble.

'Ben Zuckerman's divine new covered costume look for theatre, important evenings. Basque dress, sleeveless and easy, the shaped jacket with an immense crown of Russian sable. Petal pink or beige. Misses sizes, $975. From our Designer Studio, it has, above all, the Bonwit Teller touch.'

Also from the February 1956 Harper's Bazaar.

'Nine-tenths of a coat, with a new, just visible loosening of its strict, perfected cut, seen here in the shadow of the year's hattiest hat: beige straw, wreathed in dotted silk. The coat by Ben Zuckerman, in Lesur white herringbone.  Emme hat, gloves by Kislav, stockings by Fine Feathers.'

From the February 1956 Harper's Bazaar. 

'Spring's credo: perfection pared to the bone. Ben Zuckerman's belted-in suit- a case in point.'

Saturday, 3 October 2009

From the 25 April 1965 L.A. Times- Fashion cools it with linen.

'Ben Zuckerman, one of America's greatest tailors, blends deepened rosy pinks in a three part costume that's practically a whole wardrobe. His thinly belted overblouse rides over an easy skirt with pockets slashed into each side. Jacketed by day,  it wears the precise stamp of border-stitched edges, continental vents at the back and just a hint of a yoke (faked by overlapping shoulder seams).'

What a lovely Ben Zuckerman suit! Trimmed in fur at the collar and cuffs, this suit is quite spectacular. I would date this suit to the early 1960's.

From the 7 March 1956 L.A. Times- The Important Italian Silks- the very finest from Como, Italy.

On the left is a suit by Ben Reig, an important design house of the same era as Zuckerman.

The suit on the right is a Zuckerman, a box-jacket suit in navy or cocoa. $198.85.