Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cavalry Twill- Smaller Jacket

This is suit heaven: with every fabric a tailor's dream: every seam, every collar, every pocket- completely satisfying. Greige suit in a firm-tailoring hairline wool twill that's nothing but suppleness in the hand. We love the look of the shorter jacket showing the gathers across the skirt front- the set of the tiny stand-up collar and the narrowing line of the welted vertical pockets. Cartier bracelet, Fuch gloves. Suit by Ben Zuckerman.

From Vogue, 1 February, 1964.

Men's Wear Pin Stripes- Spiced with Pique!

Striped charcoal wool suiting and white pique- one of the most dazzlingly fresh, pretty combinations on earth. The jacket lies close to the body; buttons over a ribbed white pique blouse with a wing-like bow- impeccably finished. Marvella earings, Crescendoe-Superb gloves. Suit by Ben Zuckerman. 

From Vogue, 1 February, 1964.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

In a smooth, flat tailor's wool, the perfect tailor's suit. Smaller bodied jacket with narrow lapels notched high, slim chopped sleeves, waist high pockets. The blouse here is gleaming white silk shantung, precisely tied. Tiffany pin, Halston hat. By Ben Zuckerman.

I have this suit, but in black. I have found that Ben Zuckerman would often make identical suits or coats in different colours or fabrics.

From Vogue, 1 February, 1964.

From the 1 February 1964 Vogue- Tailor's suit- tailor's checks.

The most beautifully groomed little suit in a close, dry men's-wear checked wool. Grey and blue, with a bit of bow-tied blouse showing between notched lapels, pockets very properly flapped and butttoned. Again, the smaller-bodied jacket, lined in the brilliant blue silk shantung of the blouse- all fantastically neat... luxurious. By Ben Zuckerman.

From the 1 February, 1964 Vogue- US Fashion Phenomenon.

The pale blue suit- Tattersall checks. Heavenly colour, heavenly suit. Blue and beige Tattersall checks in a true tailor's wool: dry and firm, every detail sharp... the small neat proportions of the jacket with its four flapped pockets in perfect balance, its correct little roll of collar showing a bit of the appetizing silk shantung blouse beneath- standing neckband and an exquisitely tidy bow. By Ben Zuckerman.

A nifty white suit- simpatico as a skirt and sweater- made of never-before wool, knitted in rickrack cables. Chopped sleeves and a collar that's all roundness; crescent flapped pockets; shiny brass buttons. Ben Zuckerman suit at De Pinna, Nan Duskin, Montaldo's, I Magnin. Shalimar Gloves.

The second picture shows the same suit, minus the patch pockets, from an ad for Ben Zuckerman, designed by Harry Shacter.

Both images from the 1 February, 1964 Vogue.

From the 1 February, 1964 Vogue- The Snap of Stripes- $275- adds fresh dimension to the Great White look now snowing steadily across the Spring fashion scene. It falls brilliantly into line with new suit shapes- inclined to be close-kept yet easy, with soft yet meticulous detail. Here, the creamy whiteness of French wool flannel is crisped with oxford grey stripes and binding, done for us by Ben Zuckerman in Misses sizes. At Bergdorf Goodman.