Wednesday, 30 June 2010

From the 24 March, 1960 Times Daily- With Weather Unpredictable, here are two sure choices by Ben Zuckerman for the parade on Easter Sunday.  

First is a chic and practical ensemble, featuring a coat with big sleeves in grey and white double faced wool which is casually belted in back. The coat is worn over a belted dress of white silk surrah that has an open neckline and a soft, full skirt.

The second outfit featured is a coat dress cut from beige worsted glen plaid, buttoned from the neckline to the hemline with big white buttons. The skirt has oversized pockets.

Friday, 18 June 2010

This is a rather unusual jacket designed by Harry Shacter- the long time designer at Ben Zuckerman.

Mr Shacter joined Ben Zuckerman in 1950 when it first opened and remained there until it closed in 1968, so this jacket would pre-date 1950. 

You can see some Zuckerman touches in this jacket- the substantial buttons and fine tailoring including bound buttonholes. It would have been a fairly expensive jacket new, as evidenced by the retailer, Berdorf Goodman. It was also probably part of a suit, with a matching skirt.

Photos courtesy of That70'sShoppe.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

This is a mid 1960's Zuckerman suit, designed by Harry Shacter (as were all Zuckerman designs). It is double breasted with pockets and the waist and a rather striking trim in a contrasting colour.

The suit appears to be a heavy wool giving the suit a structured feel. Overall the feeling is somewhat severe, but still very appealing.