Sunday, 28 November 2010

In honour of winter arriving in full force, we have a wonderfully warm wool coat in fuscia, trimmed in black. The coat is double breasted and has chunky round buttons. You can also see some of the seaming around the neck and collar.
The coat also has fantastic huge pockets that have 'cuffs' as an added touch.
I believe this coat dates to the late 1960's, toward the end of Ben Zuckerman's career.
Photos courtesy of gimmeNICOLE

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A really pretty petrol blue Ben Zuckerman jacket, probably once part of a skirt suit. The jacket is trimmed at the collar and cuffs with Persian lamb and has a half belt on the rear of the jacket.
The jacket is boxy in cut, and I believe it dates to the mid 1960's, based on the cut and the label.
The jacket has large domed buttons covered with silk thread, and interestingly I have several other jackets and suits that feature the same buttons.
Photos courtesy of Shasta's Vintage