Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A pretty tweed jacket, once part of a suit. This jacket is trimmed in high quality black velvet at the collar and features two really lovely buttons made up of embroidery thread.

Photos courtesy of ChicagoLuxe.

An undated Zuckerman suit- probably from the early 1950's. The suit is very fitted and is in a pale brocade edged in what is probably satin in the same colour. The neckline is very interesting, the trim from the bodice flows into the collar. The sleeves are bracelet length which is very typical of this era.
This suit is accessorised with feminine jewelry, gloves and a wonderful 'cartwheel' hat in what appears to be the same satin material as the trim on the suit.

This is a Ben Zuckerman ensemble,dating from the 1960's and retailed at the famous New York Store, Saks Fifth Avenue. My guess is that it would have cost in the region of $500 which represents a significant investment, and priced it out of the range of most women of the time.
The jacket is boxy in cut, has two pockets at the hip, and is trimmed in Chinchilla fur. The buttons are large and are covered in embroidery thread. The matching dress is sleeveless and fitted and has the same buttons as the jacket, but in a slightly smaller size. The quality of this ensemble is top notch.
Photos courtesy of NelsonBridge.

A wonderful Zuckerman- in brilliant red! This coat is classic 1950's, with a very full 'skirt', perfect for covering crinoline skirts underneath. The coat also features a tie at the neck, which is a nice, feminine detail.
In the final photo, you can see a close-up of the button, which are a great decorative feature.
Photos courtesy of DaisyDuds .

Friday, 10 December 2010

This is one of the most interesting dresses I've seen. It is attibuted to Ben Zuckerman- the dress was sewn by a home seamstress from a pattern designed by Zuckerman. I believe this to be true, as there are design features that I have seen in other Ben Zuckerman outfits, particularly the decorative seam running down the front of the bodice of the dress. The dress is very well sewn and the buttons on the sleeve are the same high quality as other Ben Zuckerman outfits.
This dress was worn by Bonnie Blair, an actress from the 1940's who appeared in movies such as 'Badman's Territory', 'Riff Raff' and 'The Woman on the Beach'. Ms Blair is 94 and now lives in Florida.
Photos courtesy of Bubsieville.

What a great Ben Zuckerman! This ensemble is made up of a pretty dress and jacket in black brocade. The jacket has princess seams and closes with a single large decorative button. The dress has a satin bow around the waist.
The material is brocade which is the quintessential 1960's evening material. This outfit would have been worn for cocktail parties or the like.
Photos courtesy of WateryTart

This is a really pretty brown velvet Zuckerman coat trimmed in brown satin. The coat was probably part of an ensemble, with a dress in a co-ordinating colour. Brown velvet is not the typical colour you might see in velvet ( this would likely be black) which makes this coat a bit unusual and special.

Photo courtesy of Designerdigs4u

Thursday, 2 December 2010

An ad for a Zuckerman suit, circa 1956. The jacket is quite long, to mid thigh, which is a rather unusual length for the times. It features curved pockets at the hips and a large fur trim, probably fox. Ths skirt is also long and very form fitting.
This suit was modelled by Sunny Harnett. She was born Anne Marie Hartnett in 1924 in New York. She was one of the top models of the 1950's. After retiring she went to work for the famous modelling agency Ford as Eileen Ford's assistant.
Anglo Fabrics was a very high quality fabric mill, used by top American designers. Sadly it closed after 52 years in business in 1998.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

This Zuckerman jacket, once part of a suit, has a vaguely military air to it. The jacket is double breasted, and has large, decorative buttons. It is boxy in cut with pockets at the hip. The material of the jacket is a substantial, heavy wool. As is the case with many other Zuckermans, the sleeve length is three-quarter, all the better to show off bracelets. I believe this jacket dates to the late 1960's.
Photos courtesy of Iconic Vintage Shop.