Sunday, 30 October 2011

From the 15 October, 1959 Vogue- a black brocade dress and jacket, with a hat by Emme and a large brooch by Eisenberg. This outfit would have been worn for a cocktail party or perhaps the theatre. The jacket has large cuffs and the dress appears to have a bow at the waist to add even more feminity to the the ensemble.

Eisenberg & Sons jewelry was well known during the period of the 1930's to 70's. Eisenberg started as a dress company that came up with the interesting idea of adding costume jewelry to their dresses to add to their appeal. The jewelry was so well made and desireable that women did not want to buy the dresses, and in some cases the jewelry was stolen. A decision was made to move into jewelry manufacturing.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Here is a really interesting Ben Zuckerman suit, dating from the 1960's, in a brick red wool.

The skirt is a typical Ben Zuckerman, but the real star of the outfit is the jacket. It has 4 buttons right by the neckline and then no futher visible closings. The overall shape is almost fluted as the jacket flares out from the buttons. There are two small pockets and a faux belt on the back of the jacket.

Photos courtesy of Kad446.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

This is a fabulous Ben Zuckerman suit, dating from the late 1950's by my estimation. It had a double breasted jacket and straight skirt in grey wool. The special feature is a small and neat bow at the neck, which takes this somewhat severely tailored suit into the feminine world.

The suit retailed at Saxs Fifth Avenue and would no doubt have been a costly outfit.

Photos courtesy of Couture Allure Vintage.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Here is a tweed Ben Zuckerman suit dating from the early 1960's. The jacket's boxy shape echos the jackets worn by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. The jacket has patch pockets and fastens with large mother-of-pearl buttons. The jacket is lined in pink silk which carries through to the lapels. The skirt is simple and ends just below the knees.

The suit is made of a great pink tweed. Tweed is a hard wearing wool cloth that has a 'heathered' appearance due to several different strands of wool in different colours being woven together.

This suit was retailed at Mabley & Carew, Cincinatti. Mabley & Carew was a high end department store opened in 1877 by C.R Mabley and Joseph Carew. The two men were from merchants from Detroit and had ended up stranded in Cincinatti after they missed a train. They were walking around town and found a perfect site to set up a new store. Several stores were eventually set up but by the 1980's all had closed and the flagship store had been torn down.
Photos courtesy of Aren.