Tuesday, 26 December 2017

'Ben Zuckerman's greatcoat, in tissue-weight woollen tweed, tied easily in front, and so green it fairly grows.'
This is a beautiful coat, which dates from the 1960's.

Friday, 22 December 2017

This is a gorgeous suit, dating from the early 1960's. By Ben Zuckerman, it is made of ivory wool and features a stand away collar and 3/4 length sleeves.
The influence of the First Lady of that time, Jacqueline Kennedy can be seen and it is easy to picture her wearing this suit.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Here is a rather unusual Ben Zuckerman suit in rayon. The suit has a lovely skirt and a really special jacket, complete with a pussy bow. This suit is in the 'dressmaker' rather than the tailored style which dates it to the 1950's when the style was popular.
This suit was sold at Daniel and Fisher, which was a department store located in Denver, Colorado. This store was founded in 1864 and had a landmark store with a beautiful clock tower. Unfortunately the company went out of business in 2005 and most of the store demolished, luckily the clock tower remains.
Photos courtesy of Artful Blasphemy.

Monday, 11 December 2017

An undated Ben Zuckerman suit, likely from the mid to late 1950's.
'The slender ease of Ben Zuckerman's two piece walking (and driving!) suit in deep violet sheer woollen boucle.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

From Vogue, 1 February, 1955- Americans- dressing for where they're going.
'Leaving in perfect shape- arriving ditto: a suit firmly shaped, easy feeling, newly belted. By Ben Zuckerman of black and white Einiger cashmere tweed, $195. The car: the handsome 1955 Cadillac Sixty Special.'

Thursday, 23 November 2017

From Vogue, 1 February 1955- Complete success- the flared fit.
'Fit like this, followed by flare like this: a silhouette that's set for great success in 1955. There's a very American reason why: it makes for a smart change of pace from the new loose-cut jackets, the new blade slim lines, makes for variety, and that's one of the new secrets of a lively fashion life here- having more than one string to one's bow.
New look for the short-jacket suit- short only in the sense that it's not as long as many of the new long jackets (and therefore makes a nice change of pace from them. Grey tapestry worsted, fitted from the double collar to the scalloped edge, the skirt flaring gently in panel pleats. By Ben Zuckerman, about $225. For head to toe smartness, gilt Bobley jewellery, and Wear-Right gloves, a printed red faille cap from Sally Victor; black De Liso Debs pumps; stockings in pink-tinged beige-'Pink Sand' by Mary Grey.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

This is a wonderful Zuckerman and Kraus cocktail or dinner suit, dating pre 1950- likely just after 1947 as this suit is very New Look. The suit has soft shoulders, a tiny waist and a peplum and a very full skirt.
Zuckerman and Kraus was the business owned by Ben Zuckerman prior to opening his own company. Zuckerman and Kraus produced very high end suits and coats. The business was closed in 1950.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

From 1954, a Bonwit Teller window display featuring a women's suit designed by Ben Zuckerman. The mannequin is wearing a grey suit, white gloves, heeled shoes and a hair wrap. A banner at the bottom of the display reads "Bonwit's big change in Suits... A new elegance, a modified ease and shaping... this suit designed by Ben Zuckerman."

Thursday, 12 October 2017

This is a gorgeous Ben Zuckerman coat in heavy wool and trimmed in fox or mink. The waist is nipped and the sleeves are 3/4 length, designed to show off gloves. The overall impression is feminine and beautiful.
Photos courtesy of Bettrdeal.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

From Vogue, 1 February, 1955- Complete success: the coat-cut jacket.
'Due to reach its fashion-peak in 1955: the new longer-than-in-a-long-time jacket. It gives the suit, the costume dress, a completely different set of proportions- a long bodied line that will be (rightly) to many an American woman's liking. Here, in a full-length mirror, a long jacketed suit, dress, both in fashion above the neckline and below the hemline too.
The navy-blue spring suit with an entirely new look- a jacket that's just two feet short of being a coat. It's dressed to fashion perfection here for days in town, with a white crochet turban (and crochet with this much chic is news!), navy blue alligator bag, pumps. Suit by Zuckerman with a blue and white silk blouse, about $285. Hat, Mr John. Delman shoes with stocking in a beige beautifully apropos for navy blue: 'Nudewear' by Cannon.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

This is a lovely coat, dating from the early 1960's. It is very long and made of heavy ivory wool. The coat is double breasted and has beautiful diamante buttons. It likely would have been worn in the evening over a cocktail or opera dress.
Photos courtesy of Ritual Vintage.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

These two coats, by Ben Zuckerman probably date from the early 1950's. They are both voluminous, in order to cover the full skirted dresses popular at this time. Neither coat appears to have any closures so would be clutch coats, named that because the wearer would clutch the coat closed with their hands.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

This is a very interesting Ben Zuckerman suit, in black pony hair. The jacket is double breasted and the skirt is a typical straight Zuckerman.
Pony hair is cow or goat hide that is shaved so that the hide looks similar to the hide of a horse. It is an unusual choice for a suit but it works very well and is easily tailored.
Photos courtesy of Lori's Listings NY.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Dating from the mid 1950's, this coat is a delight!
Made of a pale coloured wool, it reaches just below the knees and has 3/4 length sleeves. It is single breasted and the wool is woven into 'stripes' which serve to elongate the figure.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

This gorgeous Ben Zuckerman coat, dating from the early 1960's is beautifully tailored and very flattering. The coat has large lapels and collar, 3/4 length sleeves and an empire style waistline. This coat would have been perfect for wearing during the day.
The coat was made with material from Anglo Mills, who produced very high quality fabrics. Sadly Anglo Mills closed in 1998 and the derelict factory burnt to the ground some time after that.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

This is a photograph of a window display, dating from 1957, in Bonwit Teller's flagship New York Store, featuring women's suit by Ben Zuckerman. The mannequin is wearing a hat, gloves, jewelry and holding an umbrella.  A banner at the bottom of the display reads "Bonwit's suits inspired purists lines designer news by Christian Dior."

Saturday, 22 July 2017

An ad dating from 1956 by Nan Duskin, featuring a lovely Ben Zuckerman ensemble.
Ben Zuckerman designs for dinner and theatre. The dress, a black wool sheath, the jacket, American broadtail, collared in white mink. $535.'
Nan Duskin was a luxury boutique in Philadelphia. The shop, named after it's owner, opened in 1927 and eventually encompassed three locations. The stores closed in 1994.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

These screen captures are from a fashion show held in 1956 and broadcast on The Today Show in America.
The model is wearing a lovely tweed coat with a full skirt, patch pockets and a black bow at the neckline. The model is wearing gloves and a fur hat.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Dating from 1953, this is a photograph of a window display from Bonwit Teller's New York store.
It features plaid and solid dress suits designed by Ben Zuckerman.  A banner on the bottom of the display reads "Suit magnificance from Bonwit's designer collection. Fourth Floor Suit Salon, this by Ben Zuckerman."

Thursday, 15 June 2017

This is a Ben Zuckerman ensemble, consisting of a sleeveless sheath-style dress, knee length and fitted. The matching jacket is double breasted with very large lapels and collar and decorative, vaguely military buttons.
This outfit dates from the late 1960's, and was Ben Zuckerman's interpretation of the Youthquake styles of that time. The dress length is shorter than Zuckerman's of previous years, making this outfit perfect for the older customer who wanted to be fashionable without exposing too much flesh.
Photos courtesy of Atomic Century.

From the mid 1950's, a Ben Zuckerman suit, left and a Bruno Original suit, right.
'Trim suit, modern as a Stratocaster, are the first choice for the travel-wise woman for speedy trips.
Left, a miron-corded striped worsted, a fabric that sheds wrinkles easily, has a straight, slim skirt,  rounded hipline and wide lapels. Right, another wrinkle-defying suit in Forstmann's tweed that has a belted back, rounded hip and slightly full, gored skirt.'

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Here is a gorgeous Ben Zuckerman cocktail ensemble in black burnout velvet. The dress is sleeveless and very fitted and is topped by a single breasted jacket with jet buttons.
Photos courtesy of Buffalo Gal Vintage.

Friday, 2 June 2017

From the mid to late 1950's-
'Easily the most intriguing woman in town, in Ben Zuckerman's superb taupe ottoman suit-dress, scarfed in softest blue.'

Thursday, 25 May 2017

This is a beautiful Ben Zuckerman coat, once part of a suit. It is made of charcoal wool and is double breasted with corde buttons.
This coat dates from the mid to late 1960's.
Photos courtesy of Ritual Vintage.